Vision & Mission


Become an important asset of Indonesia Telecommunication industry.


Community needs on telecommunication technology are continuously increasing,both quantitatively and qualitatively. This requires that all parties involved  in this industry should be able to provide its products in accordance with the demands of existing needs. PT. SGI was established to be able to answer the challenges and simultaneously take on the existing opportunities.
SGI is a container which consists of professionals in telecommunication and other fields with adequate back up finance. We as professionals who are experts in the field, will continuously develop our identity. committed, positive thinking, being honest and responsible. We work with attitudes and behaviors embodied in the SGI Culture to achieve SGI's short, medium and long term goals and objectives.
SGI's business lncludes the provision of goods and services in the telecommunications sector and its infrastructure, which is intended for telecommunication operators and vendors as well as other institutions requiring services and provision of telecommunication equipment / systems.
In meeting the heeds of clients (customers) and strategic partners, SGI has developed its products which include:
  1. Site Survey
  2. Installation, Test & Commissioning (ITc)
  3. RF Optimization of telecommunication devices.
SGI's clients and strategic partners will get our best service, fast and precise responses and ever-competitive prices.
'With the'existing products, SGI will establish its position as a contractor.